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    ? ? ? Foshan Duobang Polymer Materials Co., Ltd is a researching, producing, and selling as one company which focused on environmental protection in each aspect. We not only have above 13 year's experience of R&D, processing and applying high polymer adhesive film, but also keep close relationship of cooperation with international well-known companies and colleges in China. Excellent quality products and services, good operating system, advanced corporate culture, that wins many customers and talents. ?To lay a good foundation for the platform that expands the market and researches new product.
    ? ? ? Duobang Company mainly produces and sells environmental\efficient high polymer adhesive film (also named adhesive film and hot melt film) of “X-DUOB” brand hot melt series. The film is classified from temperature: low-temperature, medium temperature, high temperature. It can satisfy to use in different condition. No volatiles, no off-smell, high efficiency, good resistance to elements and excellent lasting peeling strength. It has received consistent praises from many industries.
    Till now, the adhesive film's application industries: electronic appliances, architectural decoration, thermal insulation, luggage, shoes, car interior trim and furniture. It can bond different kinds of materials in different industries!

    The film's application products: electronic appliances panels, ceiling panels, Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels, metal composite panels, Aluminum Wood fiber composite panels, Roofing materials composite panels (aluminum foil tile), Cloth/non-woven composite with other materials, PET/PVC/PE composite with other materials and so on. We are looking forward to researching more new application products with you together!

    Our company locates in Gaoming District Foshan City, graceful environment, convenient traffic, to offer customer better and faster service.

    ? ? ?
    Company Philosophy
    Company Policy:
    Quality Priority, Service Uppermost, Scientific Management, Teamwork to Win,Cooperation Development
    Quality Priority: We have rich processing and management experience to ensure that our products conform to the comprehensive quality requirements of customers. We build partnership through listening to customers’ voices and dedicating to surpassing their expectation on quality.
    Service Uppermost: We are devoted to further improving service level for customers, in order to provide more value-added service for customers. We constantly raise our goal and strive for better quality, lower cost, shorter delivery time and stronger technical support.
    Scientific Management: To establish a set of feasible and effective quality management system and keep its continuous improvement, make the staff at all levels of process Normalization, standardization, and systematization.
    Teamwork to Win: Teamwork spirit gives enterprises invincible brave, it may be said "unity is strength, carry all before one." Enterprise only forms at all levels: come as soon as called and do a good job, invincible heroic group, to strategize and gain a decisive victory a thousand miles away
    Cooperation Development: Enterprise establish a long-term and stable external collaboration platform with franchisees, suppliers, industries, government, community and other related groups, including competitors, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with strategic cooperative relations; At the same time, enterprise establishes a harmonious internal relationship with employees and investors, to create a solid foundation for a career together, ensure enterprise sustainable coordinated development.
    ?Our company sincerely hope to establish long-term cooperative relations with domestic and foreign customers, hand in hand, create brilliant!
    The door factory/workshop
    ?Production equipment ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The finished product warehouse