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    Address: No. 166, Lutang Industrial, Yanghe Town, Gaoming District, Foshan City,Guangdong Province, China
    Phone: 0757-88809969
    Fax: 0757-88809968
    QQ: 2932451291 多邦
    URL: www.sqxzzszy.com

    (NOTICE:  As the business development needs, from Jun 25th,2016, Our new company e-mails info@fsduobang.com and sales@fsduobang.com  putted into use officially, instead of the old e-mail fsduobang@163.com (not use this email at all). If you receive any e-mail from fsduobang@163.com, please ignore, not to open it, and contact us. Please note!  Any inconvenience caused, please understanding. Thanks! )