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    Auto film big doubts misunderstanding

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          There are all kinds of rumors about automotive insulation film, shuitie membrane car is no signal, and some people say that pick car pick the color depth of, difficult to distinguish between true and false? Today you answered up knowledge.
    A misunderstanding: the deep color film, better heat insulation effect
          "The deeper the color is endothermic, so deep color car insulation effect better sounds very reasonable, but it is correct?
    Wrong! First of all, the heat insulation effect of the automobile heat insulation film is not necessarily related to the color depth. And the color is too deep in the film may be the owner of the line of sight, bring security risks. On the contrary, it is a symbol of high quality heat insulating film that can be efficiently and effectively protect the high transmittance.
    Misunderstanding two: posted film will affect the mobile phone signal in the car
          Most automotive insulation film of multilayer composite membrane, which containing metal heat insulation layer of the film said as the metal film, metal free for non metal film. The metal film of nano metal layer can effectively heat, but will make the car into a Faraday cage ", the science students must know full metal jacket of Faraday cage can be effectively isolated from cage inside and outside the body of the electromagnetic wave, cause interference to mobile phones and other wireless signal.
    Misunderstanding three: explosion-proof insulation film Delusiveness
          The explosion-proof function car, does not mean that can prevent bullet penetration and explosion proof function. But to the thermal insulation membrane in the automotive glass after struck by a foreign body, will glass adhesion on the insulation film to prevent debris from scattering. Have the function of explosion-proof insulation membrane can effectively enhance the accident when the vehicle safety level, cause the automobile glass breaking probability is reduced to the lowest, the maximum to avoid damage to the owners of the accident.