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    Aluminum plate special polymer membrane

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          Polymer sticky film (hereinafter referred to as sticky film) is developed in recent years for plastic and steel, aluminum, copper composite bonding medium. At present, China's domestic market has been widely used in plastic composite products.
    1, typical applications
          Aluminum-plastic composite plate bonding structure adhesive film application: 0.5 mm aluminum sheet +0.05mm sticky conjunctival +3mm polyethylene substrate +0.05mm sticky conjunctival 0.5mm aluminum-plastic plate (standard aluminum composite panel production).
    2, adhesive bonding conditions of sticky film
          Bonding temperature: 120-150 degrees Celsius; pressure drums: 4 kg / cm2; bonding time: 30 seconds heating method: the two sides at the same time heating, the metal surface is required to ensure that the bonding surface is absolutely clean, with no oil, water and various particulate impurities, in the composite when should as far as possible to reduce the viscosity of the dust, to ensure that the shop for the best low dust collection.